Water Damage Restoration FAQs

Water damage can cause serious damage to your property. Building materials including wood, drywall, and flooring can suffer permanent damage with prolonged exposure to water. Water damage can also create the perfect conditions for mold growth, even in areas you may not see. Whether you suspect water damage or hav extensive damage, get help right away to mitigate the damage. 

All excess water is extracted using high-powered, truck-mounted water extraction machines. If several inches or more of water is present, submersible pumps may also be used to remove as much water as quickly as possible. Commercial-grade air movers/fans and dehumidifers will be placed in the affected area and run continuously to dry building materials.

The amount of time required to dry your property will depend on the size of the affected area and the severity of the damage. The restoration process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. We will be able to provide a time estimate after evaluating the damage. 

The total cost of water damage mitigation depends on the size of the area and the time required to dry the property. We will be able provide a cost estimate after evaluating the damage. 

Water damage occurs when there is a water intrusion affecting your property. This can include outdoor flooding, plumbing failures, appliance malfunctions, roof leaks, and overflowing bathtubs, sinks, or toilets. 

Water damage may be obvious if you have standing water or water dripping from the ceiling, but it is not always so obvious. Other signs of water damage may include discoloration on walls or ceilings, a soft spot on the floor or wall, increased condensation or humidity, or even a higher than normal water bill. Never ignore the signs of potential water damage. 

Always do your research and ensure any contractors you hire are licensed, qualified, and insured. This is a big decision, and you should feel confident that the company you have selected has the proper training and equipment to do the job right. 

Many types of water damage losses are covered by insurance. Please refer to your individual policy or speak to your insurance agent to verify your coverage. If your loss is not covered or you do not wish to file a claim, we can provide a estimate to cleanup and repair the damage.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration FAQs

As soon as you know everyone is safe, you should call a restoration company for professional help. It’s essential to begin cleanup as soon as possible to minimize  the damage to your property and your belongings. Avoid entering the area unaccompanied as it may be hazardous and unsafe. 

The amount of time required for fire damage restoration can vary greatly depending on the scope of the loss and the extent of the repairs that will be necessary to restore your property back to normal. We will provide a time estimate after assessing the damage to your property. 

There are many variables to consider with fire damage cleanup, and only a professional will have access to the right equipment and cleaning solutions to remove soot residue and smoke odors. Save time and eliminate the risk of causing more damage by hiring a professional.

You are not required to file an insurance claim after a fire. If the cost of the cleanup and repairs are less than your deductible or you don’t want to risk raising your insurance rates, you may forgo filing a claim and instead opt to pay for repairs directly. We will be able to provide a cost estimate after evaluating the damage. 

Absolutely! Smoke odors and soot residues can be incredibly difficult to remove without the right methods. We use a combination of physical cleaning and advanced equipment that targets and breaks down the odor-causing molecules for effective results.


Mold Remediation FAQs

When you discover mold growth, it’s important that you address the whole problem and not just the mold that may be visible to you. Mold can grow in wall cavities and is usually a byproduct of water damage, so if you do not address the source of the water the mold will return. Always call in a professional to check for water damage and identify all areas of mold growth. 

Most mold problems can be confirmed with a visual inspection. Mold will appear on surfaces and has a raised, fuzzy surface that can be a wide variety of colors including black, green, yellow, brown, and white. If you suspect mold call in a professional.

Mold remediation costs will vary based on the size of the affected area and the amount of repairs that will be required after remediation is complete. We will provide a cost estimate after an initial inspection. 

Large areas of mold growth should always be left to professionals who will contain the area and carefully remove mold-damaged materials. Personal protective equipment should always be worn when exposure to mold is likely. You may be able to remove small areas of mold yourself. Remember that the cause of the mold must also be mitigated or the mold is likely to return. 

In many cases, mold growth can be confirmed by a visual inspection. If you suspect mold may be growing in an inaccessible area, an access point may be needed to check for evidence of mold. We can also use moisture meters to locate building materials with elevated levels of moisture that is conducive to mold growth. 


The amount of time required to remediate mold growth will vary based on the size of the impacted area and the amount of mold present. We will be able to provide a time estimate after performing an inspection.